Tara Caffelle

Tara CaffelleCPCC, PCC

Market & Business Development

Tara is a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and prior to joining Living Bridges in 2020, she worked as a grief and relationship coach for 12 years.

In addition to working with hundreds of individuals and couples in her career, Tara is an Educator for the Gottman Institute, and trained in Organizational and Systems Relationship Coaching. She calls upon specialized training in Observed & Experiential Integration (OEI),an approach that is very useful to not only reduce the impact of traumatic experiences but also to build bridges to harmony in our personal relationships. She utilizes Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in a Strengths-Based and Person-Centred approach with clients, often creatively blending many philosophies and modalities in her sessions.

Tara’s philosophy is to witness and hold her clients’ transformation with deep reverence, openness, and respect, acknowledging that growth and healing are not always easy or comfortable, and are rarely pretty. She says she feels like a wise, old Auntie when working with some of her couples, as she meets them where they are, and creates communication and understanding custom-fit to their relationship. Recognizing the universal experiences of so many of us, Tara supports her clients at the intersection of where their grief and their relationships meet, she brings warmth and compassion during even the hardest of conversations. Her dream clients are men and women seeking relief from grief, trauma, burnout and anxiety, and couples seeking support with their relationships and life transitions.

Tara heads Living Bridges’ work with corporations and non-profit organizations, supporting them as they create what she calls a “Positive Grief Culture” in our workspaces, empowering front-line staff and leaders to work in a grief and trauma-informed way that respects our individual and collective mental health. She also serves as the Marketing Director and handles all the business development for the collective.

Tara is a driven, caring and irreverent therapist, with many interests and a thirst for life. She moved to Kamloops in 2017 to be closer to family and enjoy a slower pace of life but has managed only to take on more! She is an enthusiastic member of the Daybreak Rotary chapter in Kamloops, has just joined the board of Directors at the North Shore Business Improvement Association and contributes her expertise and time to a beloved non-profit organization, Girl in the Wild.  

Tara lives with her husband, son, and dog, in an old house that happily also accommodates her retired parents. When she isn’t working, you can find Tara and her crew hiking local trails, cycling, and enjoying time in her garden. Tara is proposing her first book, Grief: A Love Story to publishers, which is a memoir that she began writing after weathering significant personal losses in 2015.

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