Tatyana Dikareva

Tatyana DikarevaBTM, PBDTM, MACP, RCC

Clinical Counsellor and Associate

Tatyana is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#21489) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and holds a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology.

Tatyana comes from a field of post-secondary education with vast experience in education counselling and cultural, settlement, and crisis, and adjustment and support to students. As an immigrant from Ukraine herself, Tatyana understands the challenges of navigating a new environment and culture. She moved to Kamloops in 2012 and has been a part of this friendly community since.

Having lost both parents to cancer in her late twenties, Tatyana knows grief firsthand and understands the complexity of grief and the road to healing. As a grief and trauma counsellor, she is passionate about helping you on your healing journey. Trauma takes on many shapes and forms, from relational, physical, sexual, neglect, deprivation and other events that affect you on the inside. As a result, we may feel disconnected, alone, unsafe, lacking trust and can experience various trauma-related symptoms like anxiety, depression, anger and other emotional issues. Not only that! Our relationship with self is often affected, and we may engage in self-loathing, guilt, shaming, self-rejection, and people-pleasing behaviour.

Tatyana walks alongside you to help you discover the path back to safety within you and your environment, holds space for you while you navigate grief, sit with your emotions, and accompanies you as you make a new meaning of your experience.

Through an empathetic, grief and trauma-informed collaborative approach, Tatyana helps clients on their transformative journey towards self-compassion, empowerment, emotional and bodily attunement and improved relationships with self and, as a result, with others.

Tatyana utilizes a holistic, culture-sensitive approach and incorporates theories like Emotion-Focused Therapy, Person-Centered Counselling, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness-based approach, and Polyvagal theory. She is a certified facilitator of a Safe and Sound Protocol, a sound treatment modality which helps reset and regulate the nervous system to improve resilience and a feeling of safety. She is also trained in Observed and Experienced Integration (OEI) trauma modality that helps address the impact of traumatic experiences.    

Tatyana works with children (7-13),young adolescents (17+),adults, and Indigenous populations experiencing grief, loss, relational, physical, childhood traumas, emotion regulation, self-esteem issues, performance enhancement and many more. Her counselling services are covered by most Extended Health programs and the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA).

Outside her counselling and university career, Tatyana often engages in continued self-development through reading, exploring, and connecting. She enjoys tending to her garden and spending time with her husband and friends. Travelling is a big part of her life, and road-trips have become an integral “partner” on her healing journey.

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