Meet Rachel Gerhardt

September 18th 2023

Meet Rachel Gerhardt,

Please join us in welcoming one of two counsellors we have joining us to learn in the next several months. Rachel Gerhardt is accepting new clients on a reduced-fee basis as she learns from her Supervisor, Cristela D'Elia here at Living Bridges. We are delighted to have her on the team and look forward to learning from her as she learns from all of us.

If you think Rachel might be a fit for yourself or someone you love, please don't hesitate to reach out to our office to book a session or be added to our waitlist. 
Rachel is a counsellor-in-training who is in the final phase of her Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Math, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Master’s in Health Studies.


Rachel’s foundation comes from a Person-Centered Approach where she advocates for a collaborative therapeutic relationship, as she recognizes that each person is the expert on their own experiences. Rachel is deeply empathetic and genuine in her interactions. She seeks to empower individuals to see their resiliency and strengths and to cultivate the skills and confidence to face their concerns and problems.


Rachel grew up in a healthcare family in Manitoba, where there was always a focus on the importance of balancing and nourishing one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Therefore, finding a balance between all the demands in life, such as school, work, family relationships, being social, getting adequate sleep, and physical activity, is something Rachel strives to prioritize. As the saying goes “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” She brings this balance into her counselling practice and seeks to support others in setting appropriate boundaries so they can live healthier happier lives.


Rachel approaches care from a behavioural, psychological, and social level. Her areas of interest include; individual therapy, marriage and family therapy, grief work, and working with children.


In her downtime, Rachel loves to spend her time hiking in the rocky mountains, golfing, doing yoga, running with her doodle, playing piano, and being outside.


Rachel shared her philosophy, inspired by her family:
“My parents always described life as being like a highway. There will be times when you hit rough pavement, gravel, ruts, bumps, construction, and smooth pavement. This description has stuck with me through the years and into my counselling path. My goal for stepping into practicum is to support individuals in navigating their highway in life by providing a safe, nonjudgmental space where they can feel seen and heard to discuss the matters that plague their hearts and minds.”