What's in a Name?

February 17th 2023


As the pandemic took hold and C & C Resources for Life continued to support more and more clients, our founder, Mary Widmer took an opportunity to explore taking a step back from her current role, eventually retiring to a supervision and mentorship role.

This called for discussions about “freshening” the brand and looking at a possible name change.

We settled on our “WHY”:

Empowering people with the tools to build bridges to a strong tomorrow.

We explored our vision for what would come, bringing in new associates and expanding the corporate and organizational services we offer.

The name change came about during a marketing and planning meeting in Mary’s living room on a sunny evening. We threw out options and kept coming back to that WHY (the one above) and the image of bridges.

We thought of our location on the North Shore of Kamloops, nestled in the heart of the area, just a short drive from the bridge the city is known for. We looked at bridges made of trees that span spaces in India. We spoke about the symbolism of the Frangipani flower and its foundation of the practice. We went on tangents and shared what we had been learning about and reading.

Tennille was reading about St. Hildegard Von Bingen, and that led to the idea that ultimately the healing journey is living and active and not a passive thing. We knew we were about building bridges, but they needed to be living, breathing, active ones that create their own path. She returned to this idea, and we circled back to a name that had been tossed out early in the discussion:

Living Bridges? Living Bridges. Living Bridges Therapy….Collective? Yes! That’s it.

We all agreed.

It fit. Softer, somehow, than a literal bridge. A bridge formed by nature, but incomplete and living and fluid, as our clients fill the gaps to the other side as they journey and heal. The colours, softer, too, but a nod to our original green.

A new name was born, and now so is the completion of our change.

New website. New branding. New name.

Same model of collaboration for every person who walks into our offices and trusts us to walk with them as they build bridges to their own tomorrow.